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I use Steam version and I don't want to show "HudSight is running" status in Steam. How to...?

First you need to start the program from Steam client to activate it. Then start it directly from its folder. By default it is [Steam]\steamapps\common\HudSight

I start the program and don't see a crosshair.

HudSight doesn't show the crosshair over desktop or common applications. It "catches" games (and applications) which use DirectX, OpenGL or Vulkan graphics and draws the crosshair overlay directly into game frame.

I don't see a crosshair in a game.

First make sure your Color Mask in the program settings has non-zero Alpha value (transparency). Some games require a few additional actions to get visible overlay. If this list doesn't help you, please send a message to support.

CSGODestiny 2FiveM - the GTA V multiplayer mod

I don't see a crosshair in my stream/recording

HudSight works in the same manner as most of recording/streaming tools. It intercepts the GPU commands execution and it is possible that your recording tool already captured a game frame before HudSight draws its crosshair. The only way to "fix" this is to change an order of tools starting (who will process a game frame before?).

How to use built-in crosshair editor?

Take a look to this simple manual Crosshair editor

Need to contact with support team?

Take a look to the support widget at the right bottom screen corner. Send your question and we will try to answer promptly.