Creating a custom crosshair with HudSight editor

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Click on the Editor tab (1) to open the current crosshair in the image editor.

You can change the crosshair size using width and height controls (2). Please note, these sizes must be even.

Cell size (3) defines the size of one pixel on your screen. Just for your convenience.

Press left mouse button and draw the desired crosshair form. Pressed right mouse button erases pixels under mouse cursor.

In the top row can select one of two pens to draw - 32-bits RGBA or Grayscale. Then set the desired color (4) or a level of gray color and draw your image. With the Grayscale pen, the editor creates a simple transparent crosshair image where you set only the transparency of each pixel. Then, in the main window you can set up the crosshair color (mask).

When you decide that your crosshair is ready, just press to Save button to overwrite the existing crosshair image and update it in the program instantly. You can also press Save As button to write the image in any other PNG file.

Crosshair editor on the video

The editor on this video can have a bit different interface (from previous versions)

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