Crosshair overlay using Windows XBox game bar

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HudSight 2 has an alternative way to show your crosshair over games. Our software can use Windows XBox Game bar widget for this.

What is the difference from the "normal" injection method? HudSight will not need to inject any DLL into the game process, this alternative overlay is done by Windows itself almost at the driver level. If your game has too "evil" anti-cheat that blocks any injection attempts, then this alternative way is right for you. Anti-cheats do not "see" such overlays, so they're completely safe. These widgets are not visible in regular capture/streaming software (such as OBS) but they're visible in NVidia Shadowplay.

You need to install our widget from the Widget store. Press Win-G shortcut to open Game bar interface. Then click to Widget menu, then Widget Store. Find here Simple Crosshair widget and install it. Also it is possible to install it from the Microsoft store.

Start the widget from Widgets menu, then pin it and enable click-through to make it always visible over all windows and "transparent" for the mouse clicks.

Now start the HudSight 2 and enable XBox Game bar interaction option in the Common settings. That's all, you've connected your HudSight 2 copy with its Game bar widget.

So what do you get with this widget? Or in other words, what are the pros and cons?
Good Your crosshair is not visible to anti-cheats or anti-hack protections and regular recording and streaming tools (excepting ShadowPlay).
Bad Windows Game bar widget does not work in Vulkan fullscreen games.